Spring data JPA tutorial

Spring data JPA tutorial

Table of Contents1. Overview2. Spring JPA with SQL database2.1 Database Migration3. Spring JPA with No-SQL database3. Conclusion4. References 1. Overview Spring Data JPA is an implementation of Java Persistence API…

Spring boot configure GSON

Spring boot configure Gson

Table of Contents1. Overview2. Steps to Configure Gson in spring boot1.1 add Gson dependency in pom.xml1.2 Set JSON preference in application.properties or application.ymlapplication.propertiesapplication.yml3. Step to Configure Gson and exclude Jackson…


Elastic Search Tutorial

Elastic Search Tutorial Here is list of elastic search articles and elastic search tutorial: Configure Stemming in Elastic Search Elastic Search Index Document From Database Configure Stopwords in Elastic Search…


Hadoop Tutorial

List of big data tutorials using Hadoop MapReduce. Each tutorial explains step by step hadoop mapreduce programs in depth using Java for Big data development. Table of Contents1. Hadoop Installation2….