Spring JPA sorting - paging

Spring JPA sorting & paging

Table of Contents1. Overview2. Development environment3. Spring JPA sorting & paging3.1 Sorting3.2 Paging4. Spring JPA sorting & paging examples4.1 Spring JPA Sorting Example4.1.1 Code4.2 Spring JPA Paging Example4.2.1 Code5. Spring…

Language Detection using Neural Network

Language Detection using Neural Network

Table of Contents1. Language Detection Overview2. Data-Set3. Language Detection3.1 Data loading and Pre-processing3.2 Model building3.3 Training and evaluation3.4 Prediction4. Source Code5. References 1. Language Detection Overview Language detection or identification…

Apache Spark Actions

Spark Actions

Table of Contents1. Overview1.1 count()1.2 collect()1.3 take(n)1.4 top(n)1.5 countByValue()1.6 reduce()1.7 fold()1.8 aggregate()1.9 foreach()1.10 saveAsTextFile()2. API & References3. Conclusion 1. Overview In our Apache Spark tutorial journey, we have learnt how…

spark transformations

Spark Transformations

Table of Contents1. OverviewNarrow Transformationmap()filter()flatMap()union()Wide TransformationsreduceByKey()Associativity 1. Overview In one of our previous article, we have explained Spark RDD example, in this article we are going to explain Spark Transformations….

Java Multikey map example

Java Multikey map example

Table of Contents1. Overview2. Examples of Java MultiKeyMap2.1 Add elements to multikey Map2.2 Remove element from MultiKeyMap2.3 MultiKeymap Iteration3. Conclusion 1. Overview This article is about how to java multikey…