This article contains Solr tutorial with different different example.


  1. Spring Boot Solr Example
  2. Solrj Client Basic Authentication Example
  3. Securing Solr Setup Basic Authentication
  4. Securing Solr-Solrj Client Example
  5. Securing Solr Cluster-Enabling SSL On Multi Node
  6. Securing Solr-Enabling SSL On Single Node
  7. Solr Security – NoSuchAlgoritmException
  8. Solr Case Insensitive Indexing Searching
  9. Solr Multiple Filter Query
  10. Solr Query For Compare Two Numeric Fields
  11. Solr Query For Compare Two Date Fields
  12. Solr Query For Compare Two String Fields
  13. Solr Indexing Searching Hindi Documents
  14. Delete Documents From Solr Index
  15. Solr Regular Expression Part-1
  16. Solr Regular Expression Part-2
  17. Solr Custom Transformers
  18. Configure Stemming in Solr
  19. Configure Stop Words In Solr
  20. Configure Synonyms In Solr
  21. DataImport Handler Exception
  22. Solr Index Document From Database
  23. Creating Custom Search Component
  24. Solr Index Time Boost
  25. Solr Custom Field Type
  26. Solr Wild Card Search Example
  27. Solr Fuzzy Search Example
  28. Solr Auto Suggestion Example
  29. Solr Advance Pivot Faceting Example
  30. Solr Pivot Faceting Example
  31. Solr Range Faceting Example
  32. Solr Field Value Faceting Example

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