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** Spring boot development tips **

1. Server Configuration

Server Configuration section explains how to configure the server using a step-by-step process. In this spring boot tutorial section, we have explained various topics, such as how to configure spring boot with Tomcat server, Jetty server, spring boot server response compression, spring boot random server port, changing the port and many things clearly with examples.

  1. Spring boot with Tomcat 7
  2. Spring Boot Random Server Port
  3. Spring boot configure undertow server
  4. Spring boot response compress example
  5. Spring Boot Jetty Server Configuration
  6. Spring boot change port
  7. Spring Boot Random Server Port

2. Application Packaging

In this spring boot tutorial section, you will see how to configure application packaging clearly in various steps.
Here, we have explained the application and building tools related settings with the tool such as Gradle.
So, now we will explain different aspects of application packaging and related configurations which is actually an important and primary operation while performing spring boot application development.

  1. Spring boot multiple main class
  2. Spring boot ApplicationPidFileWriter Example – Process ID writer example
  3. Spring boot write current port to file
  4. Spring boot change jar name
  5. Spring boot Gradle Example
  6. Spring as window service

3. Application Configurations

After understanding application packaging, it is required to understand application configuration. So, in this spring boot tutorial section, we will make you understand the application configuration using a step-by-step process.
This section helps you understand reading application properties in spring boot, ways to read configuration spring boot, spring boot get application arguments and many more. The following concepts are useful for both beginners and professionals.

  1. Spring boot read application properties
  2. Spring boot different ways to read @ConfigurationProperties
  3. Spring boot Application – Set Default TimeZone
  4. spring boot yml properties example
  5. Spring boot @ConfigurationProperties Example
  6. Spring Boot Application Startup Listener or init Method
  7. Spring boot disable command line properties options
  8. Spring boot get application arguments
  9. Spring Boot Slf4j and Logback Example
  10. Spring Boot Log4j2 Example
  11. Spring boot custom JSON Serialize – Deserialize Example
  12. Spring boot configure Gson
  13. Spring Jackson exclude null fields
  14. Spring Jackson property naming strategy
  15. Spring Jackson custom date format
  16. Change Gson field naming strategy in Spring
  17. Spring @ConditionalOnResource Example

4. Dev Ops

After getting knowledge on spring boot application development, now it is time to learn Dev Ops related actions. This section makes you understand Dev Ops in spring boot application development. It teaches you about spring boot flyway, spring boot profiles, and spring boot view build information with examples.
This spring boot tutorial section helps you get enough knowledge on Dev Ops and also helps you perform Dev Ops at the application level.

5. Data Persistence

Data persistence is very important for any enterprise application and so it is a must to have a finer grip on data handling to become a professional spring boot application developer.
You can understand data persisting operations with prominent data technologies in this spring boot tutorial section as we have explained everything related to data persistence here, in the easy steps!

  1. Spring Boot Solr Example
  2. Spring boot Restful web services with JPA example
  3. Spring boot jpa mysql example
  4. Spring boot JPA call MySQL procedure
  5. Spring boot hibernate example
  6. Spring boot JDBC HikariCP Example
  7. Spring boot common dbcp2 connection pool
  8. Spring boot datasource example
  9. Spring JPA query IN clause example
  10. Spring JPA Projection example
  11. Spring JPA Like Query Example
  12. Spring JPA dynamic query example
  13. Spring boot custom JSON Serialize – Deserialize Example

6. Rest Service

Application development is too advanced now and so it is important to learn about Rest Service. It is essential for any spring boot developer to learn Rest Service.
So, in this spring boot tutorial section, our experts have explained various examples to help you understand spring boot rest service. These topics will be useful for beginners and professionals as well.

  1. Spring boot Rest XML example
  2. Spring boot RestTemplate download file example
  3. Spring boot RestTemplate get headers
  4. Spring Boot Rest Service Session Example
  5. Spring boot RestTemplate with Basic Authentication
  6. Spring boot Rest Service Session Example using JDBC
  7. Spring boot download file example
  8. Spring boot RestTemplate Example
  9. Spring boot Rest API Document using swagger
  10. Spring boot add custom response headers
  11. Spring boot startup failure analyzer example

7. Spring Security + Spring boot

Security is the most important aspect that you cannot neglect to maintain a successful application. Spring Security is essential for the spring developers and they must keep in mind that it is highly important to know about security.
Different methodologies and aspects of Spring Security with spring boot application development are explained in this section. Being a major concern, spring security has a big place in spring boot application development world. So, various best enterprise practices are explained in this spring boot tutorial section, to make people understand the concepts clearly.

  1. Spring Security OAuth 2.0 Resource Server Example
  2. Spring Security OAuth 2.0 Authentication Server Example
  3. Spring Security OAuth2 success or failed event listener
  4. Spring boot OAuth2 JDBC token store example
  5. Spring boot basic authentication database
  6. Spring boot disable endpoints security
  7. Spring security custom success or fail handler
  8. Spring Security Multiple Users Sessions In Single Browser
  9. Spring security custom authentication provider example
  10. Spring boot basic authentication
  11. Spring security 5 in-memory Basic Authentication Example
  12. Spring security digest authentication example
  13. Spring security custom rolevoter example

8. Spring Session + Spring boot

Session management shows and direct impact on the application performance and User experience. Effective use of Session management is the only way to build an enterprise successfully. In this spring boot tutorial section, you will learn spring boot session listener, session timeout, spring boot session using Redis, and secure session cookies.

  1. Spring Boot Session Listener Example
  2. Spring boot session timeout
  3. Spring boot session example using redis
  4. Spring boot secure session cookies

9. Caching

In application performance and user experience, caching plays a prominent role. In this spring boot tutorial section, our experts clearly explained various topics, such as spring boot hazelcast, database caching, clearing all cache with examples. Check the below topics to understand caching clearly.

  1. Spring boot hazelcast example
  2. Spring boot database cache example
  3. Spring cache clear all cache

10. Spring boot Microservice

Microservices is said to be the heart of spring boot application development. Spring cloud provides required tools for building cloud applications for distributed systems, easily and quickly. In this spring boot tutorial section, our professionals have explained spring boot cloud eureka server, client and request routing examples.

  1. Spring boot cloud eureka client example
  2. Spring boot cloud eureka server example
  3. Spring boot request routing example

11. Spring boot + Spring MVC

For better user experience, it is important to customize the default behavior. Spring boot provides the way to customize error pages, setting custom Icon etc.

In this spring boot tutorial section, we have explained miscellaneous topics of spring boot application development with Spring MVC.

  1. Spring boot custom error pages
  2. Spring boot index page example
  3. Spring boot freemarker example
  4. spring boot form submit example
  5. Spring boot jsp example
  6. Spring boot set favicon icon

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