This article contains spring boot tutorial with different-different examples:

Spring boot tutorial – Index

** Spring boot development tips **

1. Server Configuration

  1. Spring boot with Tomcat 7
  2. Spring Boot Random Server Port
  3. Spring boot configure undertow server
  4. Spring boot response compress example
  5. Spring Boot Jetty Server Configuration
  6. Spring boot change port
  7. Spring Boot Random Server Port

2. Application Packaging

  1. Spring boot multiple main class
  2. Spring boot ApplicationPidFileWriter Example – Process ID writer example
  3. Spring boot write current port to file
  4. Spring boot change jar name
  5. Spring boot Gradle Example
  6. Spring as window service

3. Application Configurations

  1. Spring boot read application properties
  2. Spring boot different ways to read @ConfigurationProperties
  3. Spring boot Application – Set Default TimeZone
  4. spring boot yml properties example
  5. Spring boot @ConfigurationProperties Example
  6. Spring Boot Application Startup Listener or init Method
  7. Spring boot disable command line properties options
  8. Spring boot get application arguments
  9. Spring Boot Slf4j and Logback Example
  10. Spring Boot Log4j2 Example
  11. Spring boot custom JSON Serialize – Deserialize Example

4. Dev Ops

5. Data Persistence

  1. Spring Boot Solr Example
  2. Spring boot Restful web services with JPA example
  3. Spring boot jpa mysql example
  4. Spring boot JPA call MySQL procedure
  5. Spring boot hibernate example
  6. Spring boot JDBC HikariCP Example
  7. Spring boot common dbcp2 connection pool
  8. Spring boot datasource example

6. Rest Service

  1. Spring boot Rest XML example
  2. Spring boot RestTemplate download file example
  3. Spring boot RestTemplate get headers
  4. Spring Boot Rest Service Session Example
  5. Spring boot RestTemplate with Basic Authentication
  6. Spring boot Rest Service Session Example using JDBC
  7. Spring boot download file example
  8. Spring boot RestTemplate Example
  9. Spring boot Rest API Document using swagger
  10. Spring boot add custom response headers
  11. Spring boot startup failure analyzer example

7. Spring Security + Spring boot

  1. Spring Security OAuth 2.0 Resource Server Example
  2. Spring Security OAuth 2.0 Authentication Server Example
  3. Spring Security OAuth2 success or failed event listener
  4. Spring boot OAuth2 JDBC token store example
  5. Spring boot basic authentication database
  6. Spring boot disable endpoints security
  7. Spring security custom success or fail handler
  8. Spring Security Multiple Users Sessions In Single Browser
  9. Spring security custom authentication provider example
  10. Spring boot basic authentication
  11. Spring security 5 in-memory Basic Authentication Example
  12. Spring security digest authentication example
  13. Spring security custom rolevoter example

8. Spring Session + Spring boot

  1. Spring Boot Session Listener Example
  2. Spring boot session timeout
  3. Spring boot session example using redis
  4. Spring boot secure session cookies

9. Caching

  1. Spring boot hazelcast example
  2. Spring boot database cache example
  3. Spring cache clear all cache

10. Spring boot Microservice

  1. Spring boot cloud eureka client example
  2. Spring boot cloud eureka server example
  3. Spring boot request routing example

11. Spring boot + Spring MVC

  1. Spring boot custom error pages
  2. Spring boot index page example
  3. Spring boot freemarker example
  4. spring boot form submit example
  5. Spring boot jsp example
  6. Spring boot set favicon icon

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