Spring boot provide RestTemplateBuilder for inter communicate between two services or we it used to call Rest Services. To more secure web services require basic authentication so RestTemplateBuilder provide simple ways to supply basic authentication details while calling services.

RestTemplateBuilder includes a number of useful methods that can be used to quickly configure a RestTemplate. For example, to add BASIC auth support you can use builder.basicAuthorization("user", "password").build().

Example of RestTemplate supply Basic Authentication:

In my example http://localhost:8080/secureAPI is a secure web service which require basic authentication that we has supply using builder.basicAuthorization("user", "password").build() method.

   private RestTemplateBuilder restTemplateBuilder;
   public String callSecureService() {
       RestTemplate restTemplate = restTemplateBuilder.basicAuthorization("zone","mypassword").build();  // build using basic authentication details
       return restTemplate.getForObject("http://localhost:8080/secureAPI",String.class);          // call using basic authentication 

secureAPI is Secure web service

Spring boot RestTemplate with Basic Authentication

Spring boot RestTemplate with Basic Authentication


Spring boot RestTemplateBuilder document

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This was very helpful however I am having problems writing a unit test for it now. The code below return NullPointerException on restTemplateBuilder.basicAuthorization(AUTH_ID,AUTH_PASSWORD).build()
Any suggestion?

public void setup(){

Thank you

Can you please tell me which value is null? restTemplateBuilder?

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