This article contains java tutorial with different example. Its contains specially java 8 related features example.


  1. Java Create Directory
  2. Java Find duplicate objects in list
  3. Java Create Temporary File
  4. Java read all files in directory
  5. Java Sort Map
  6. Java stream findfirst example
  7. Java 8 Stream sorted Example
  8. Java 8 convert Array to Stream
  9. Java 8 Stream flatMap example
  10. Java 8 convert Stream to Array
  11. Java 8 List to Map using stream example
  12. Java 8 Convert Map to List using Stream Example
  13. Java 8 forEach Example
  14. Java Remove Element from List
  15. Java 8 stream collect example
  16. Java Remove Element from Map
  17. Java 8 stream group by count
  18. Java 8 stream reduce example
  19. Java 8 join string values
  20. Java 8 stream Group By Example
  21. Java 8 Stream Filter Example
  22. Java 8 method as argument example
  23. Java 8 find maximum number using stream
  24. how to preserve insertion order in HashMap?
  25. Remove duplicate custom objects from arraylist in java
  26. How to remove duplicate value from array in java?
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