List of big data tutorials using Hadoop MapReduce. Each tutorial explains step by step hadoop mapreduce programs in depth using Java for Big data development.

1. Hadoop Installation

  1. Installing Hadoop on Ubuntu Linux (Single Node Cluster)

2. Hadoop MapReduce Examples

2.1 Say Hello to Hadoop !!

  1. Hadoop MapReduce WordCount example using Java

2.2 Hadoop I/O

  1. Java Read & Write files in HDFS Example
  2. Hadoop Create Custom Key Writable Example
  3. Hadoop Custom Output Format Example
  4. Hadoop Create Custom Value Writable Example
  5. Hadoop MultipleOutputs With Different Compression Format
  6. Hadoop Multiple Outputs Example

2.3 Hadoop RDBMS access

  1. Write data to database using Hadoop
  2. Access Database using Hadoop MapReduce

2.4 Hadoop Joins

  1. Reduce Side Join Mapreduce example using Java

2.5 Hadoop development Tips/Tricks

  1. Debug Hadoop Map Reduce Code

2.6 Why Hadoop?

  1. Why Hadoop Is Best For Data Handling?

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