RestTemplate provides ways to download the file from another web service. exchange a method used to read binary data, Which will take

  • First argument – URL which returns file,
  • Second argument – Method Type,
  • Third argument – Entry object which contains Request Header information,
  • Fourth argument – Byte array.

The response will be ResponseEntity of bytes those can be written to a new file in a directory. Here is an example of Spring boot RestTemplate download file example:

Spring boot RestTemplate download file example code

   private RestTemplateBuilder restTemplate;
   public void downloadFile(){     // This method will download file using RestTemplate
       try {
           HttpHeaders headers = new HttpHeaders();
           HttpEntity<String> entity = new HttpEntity<>(headers);
           ResponseEntity<byte[]> response =
                                                         .exchange("http://localhost:8080/downloadFile", HttpMethod.GET, entity, byte[].class);
           Files.write(Paths.get("e:\\download-files\\demo1.pdf"), response.getBody());
       }catch (Exception e){



Spring boot RestTemplate Download File Example

Spring boot RestTemplate Download File Example


Spring boot rest client document

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Can you please send us code so we can get more idea about it.

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