1. Overview

Spring boot provides default tomcat as web container but also provide spring boot jetty server configuration using Maven or Gradle.

Steps to configure jetty in spring boot application

Step #1 : Exclude spring-boot-starter-tomcat dependency from spring-boot-starter-web

Step #2: Add spring-boot-starter-jetty dependency in spring boot.

2. Example

2.1 pom.xml

               <!-- Exclude the Tomcat dependency -->
           <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-jetty</artifactId>   <!-- for spring boot jetty server configuration  -->

2.2 build.gradle

dependencies {
    compile("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-web")     // web application dependency
    compile("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-jetty")    // for Jetty Server
configurations {
    // exclude Tomcat
    compile.exclude module: 'spring-boot-starter-tomcat'

At startup, it will display the following log when application start:

2017-07-29 13:20:17.344  INFO 38284 --- [           main] o.e.jetty.server.AbstractConnector       : Started ServerConnector@3ec11999{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}
2017-07-29 13:20:17.347  INFO 38284 --- [           main] .s.b.c.e.j.JettyEmbeddedServletContainer : Jetty started on port(s) 8080 (http/1.1)
2017-07-29 13:20:17.354  INFO 38284 --- [           main] com.javadeveloperzone.SpringBootConfig   : Started SpringBootConfig in 4.536 seconds (JVM running for 5.263)

2.2 Spring Boot provides following configuration for the jetty server

server.jetty.acceptors= # Number of acceptor threads to use.
server.jetty.accesslog.append=false # Append to log.
server.jetty.accesslog.date-format=dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss Z # Timestamp format of the request log.
server.jetty.accesslog.enabled=false # Enable access log.
server.jetty.accesslog.extended-format=false # Enable extended NCSA format.
server.jetty.accesslog.file-date-format= # Date format to place in log file name.
server.jetty.accesslog.filename= # Log filename. If not specified, logs will be redirected to "System.err".
server.jetty.accesslog.locale= # Locale of the request log.
server.jetty.accesslog.log-cookies=false # Enable logging of the request cookies.
server.jetty.accesslog.log-latency=false # Enable logging of request processing time.
server.jetty.accesslog.log-server=false # Enable logging of the request hostname.
server.jetty.accesslog.retention-period=31 # Number of days before rotated log files are deleted.
server.jetty.accesslog.time-zone=GMT # Timezone of the request log.
server.jetty.max-http-post-size=0 # Maximum size in bytes of the HTTP post or put content.
server.jetty.selectors= # Number of selector threads to use.

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