1. Overview

This article contains Spring Boot Profiles Example using properties files. Profile based development is very useful while we have different configuration in development environments and some different environment in production. Here is an example of different port in development while using another port in production.

In this example, we have set current active provide using the command line but we can also set active profile programmatically: here is an article to set active profile programmatically.

2. Example

spring boot profile example

spring boot profile example

NOTE: application-default.properties which does not mean that we can write default properties in that file. application-default.properties use is only when no profile has been passed at stating of application then all configuration will be consider from application-default.properties file.

If want to write some default properties value which will be remain same for all profiles then create application.propreties file and write those default properties over there. If same properties also found in profile-properties file then application.proeprties‘s value will be override.

2.1 pom.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0"
         xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0 http://maven.apache.org/xsd/maven-4.0.0.xsd">
    <!-- Inherit defaults from Spring Boot -->
    <!-- Package as an executable jar -->
  • When user will not pass profile at that time application-default.properties will be considered.

2.2 application-default.properties

If not profile will pass then the application will run on 8081 port.


2.3 application-development.properties

When application will start on development profile then it will run on 5050 port.


2.4 application-production.properties

When application will start with production profile then it will run on 6060 port.


2.5 SpringBootConfig

package com.javadeveloperzone;
import org.springframework.boot.SpringApplication;
import org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.SpringBootApplication;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.ComponentScan;
 * Created by JavaDeveloperZone on 19-07-2017.
@ComponentScan // Using a root package also allows the @ComponentScan annotation to be used without needing to specify a basePackage attribute
public class SpringBootConfig {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        SpringApplication.run(SpringBootConfig.class, args);            // it wil start application

2.6 ProfileCheckController

Spring provide org.springframework.core.env.Environment class which contains application configuration from where we can check that which current profile is activated in running application.

package com.javadeveloperzone.controller;

import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.core.env.Environment;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.GetMapping;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RestController;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
 * Created by JavaDeveloperZone on 19-07-2017.
public class ProfileCheckController {
    private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ProfileCheckController.class.getName());
    private Environment environment;
    public String checkProfile() {
       return "Spring Boot is running under "+environment.getActiveProfiles()[0] + " Profile";


  1. Run with the default profile

java -jar spring-boot-profile-example-1.0-SNAPSHOT

2017-07-27 18:14:39.649  INFO 153668 --- [           main] com.javadeveloperzone.SpringBootConfig   : No active profile set, falling back to default profiles: default
2017-07-27 18:29:33.701 INFO 175460 --- [ main] s.b.c.e.t.TomcatEmbeddedServletContainer : Tomcat initialized with port(s): 8081(http)

2. Run with development profile

 java -Dspring.profiles.active=development -jar spring-boot-profile-example-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

2017-07-27 18:20:08.058  INFO 108868 --- [           main] com.javadeveloperzone.SpringBootConfig   : The following profiles are active: development
2017-07-27 18:29:33.701 INFO 175460 --- [ main] s.b.c.e.t.TomcatEmbeddedServletContainer : Tomcat initialized with port(s): 8080 (http)
spring boot profiles example - Development Profile

spring boot profiles example – Development Profile

3. Run with the production profile

java -Dspring.profiles.active=production -jar spring-boot-profile-example-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

 2017-07-27 18:22:08.058 INFO 108868 --- [ main] com.javadeveloperzone.SpringBootConfig : The foll owing profiles are active: production
2017-07-27 18:29:33.701 INFO 175460 --- [ main] s.b.c.e.t.TomcatEmbeddedServletContainer : Tomcat initialized with port(s): 6060 (http)
spring boot profiles example - Production Profile

spring boot profiles example – Production Profile

3. References

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