This article contains example of Scala function named arguments or we can say change sequence of argument while function calling. Scala support named arguments while java not. Let try to understood what is named arguments? Using name arguments we can change order of arguments while calling function. So not like java in scala is not compulsory to pass function argument as same as declaration of function.


This example we have call same function with different-different ways:

object ScalaNamedArgumentDemo {
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
    printDetails("Zone", 27);                      // without named argument
    printDetails(name = "Zone", age = 27);         // with named arguments
    printDetails(age = 27, name = "Zone")           // with named arguments
    printDetails(name = "Zone", 27);         // possible to skip name but at that skip arguments must be same sequence location at declare
    printDetails("Zone", age = 27);          //  possible to skip name but at that skip arguments must be same sequence location at declare
    //  printDetails( age = 27,"Zone");       // not possible, 
  def printDetails(name: String, age: Int): Unit = {
      println("My Name is" + name + " and age is " + age)

Compile & Run & Output

Compile – scalac ScalaNamedArgumentDemo.scala

Run – scala ScalaNamedArgumentDemo


My Name is Zone and age is 27
My Name is Zone and age is 27
My Name is Zone and age is 27
My Name is Zone and age is 27
My Name is Zone and age is 27



scala document for function


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