1. Overview

Gson and Jackson both are the very powerful and popular libraries to convert Java Object to JSON and vice versa. This Spring boot Gson and Jackson tutorial aims to explain, serialization and deserialization of Java objects using Gson and Jackson.

Spring boot by default uses Jackson for Java Object conversion and for using Jackson, we do not have to add any additional dependency.

Jackson library is part of spring-boot-starter-json and spring-boot-starter-json which are already available in spring-boot-starter-web.So when we include spring-boot-starter-web in the project, then we are not supposed to add any additional dependency.

While Gson is not by default provided by spring boot, So for using Gson for serialization and deserialization, we have to add an additional dependency in build tools like Maven or Gradle.

2. Spring Jackson tutorial

3. Spring Gson tutorial

4. Conclusion

In this tutorial page of Jackson and Gson, We have learnt about configuration and customization of Jackson and Gson as well. We have provided links for our articles with more description and source code.



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