Data Protections Laws may change through time and these changes vary for each individual country, so be sure to check the specific laws for your respective country. The following are simply the most common and most important rules regarding Email Marketing:

1. Give your recipients the option to unsubscribe in every email that you send them, and should they opt out, respect their wishes and remove them from the database within 10 days.

2. Do not use open relays (a type of server that allows ANYONE to send emails using it) and false headers.

3. Your postal address must always be included in the commercial email.

4. If you do not have a prior agreement with the recipient, make sure to indicate that the message is a solicitation or an advertisement.

If you were to follow the regulations above, it is highly unlikely for you and your company to be experience any legal difficulties.

How do you find a legitimate email list vendor?

Finding the perfect email list vendor can be tricky, especially with the abundance of scammers and fake lists in the industry. Well, you can run a quick examination of vendors that you are considering to buy from by asking yourself a few quick questions:

1. What kind of list are they selling? This could say a lot about their methods of acquiring the list; and if the list they are selling is truly legitimate.

2. Is the list updated? Email lists generally become outdated by 3% to 5% every 6 months; keep that in mind as you analyze the legitimacy of the vendor and the list that they are selling.

3. Is it 100% guaranteed that hard bounces won’t be reported? This focus on hard bounces instead of soft bounces stems from the fact that it is very difficult to guarantee the lack of soft bounces. The nature of soft bounces can be quite versatile, while reports on hard bounces tend to be more concrete and precise. Do not settle for an email list vendor with a guarantee of anything less than 100%; this suggests that the list is outdated.

The guarantee must include a mandatory refund of the cash you paid instead of replacements of the emails that reported hard bounces, especially because the replacements could be just as outdated as the previous ones.

4. Have you fully understood and agreed to the Terms of Service? Most people just skim through the Terms of Service, and most scammers take advantage of their customers’ lack of attention to detail. Be extra vigilant and read the Terms of Service, paying special attention to the quality and guarantee of deliveries.

5. What are the previous reviews of this email list vendor? You could read other people’s reviews about the vendor through The Rip Off Report, Complaints Board, and many more platforms for reviews. If you yourself have encountered a faulty seller, be sure to leave a proper review so as to help others like you who are searching for legitimate email list vendors.

Basic Email Marketing Tips

1. Boost the efficiency of Email Marketing by utilizing databases. The beneficial effects of utilizing databases are too plentiful to not take advantage of. Be sure to integrate Database Marketing in your marketing strategy in order to get more respondent customers from your commercial emails.

2. Do not use a “do-not-reply” email. Be sure to set up a valid “from” address which the recipient can easily respond to. This creates a more efficient bridge of communication between the business and the customer. This method also aids in being able to quickly answer the customers’ questions and inquiries.

3. Always include an unsubscribe option, perhaps in the form of an easily accessed button. Since this feature is now required by plenty of local laws, just to be safe from legal ramifications, it would be best to include this feature.

4. Make sure your lists are up to date and regularly maintained. This prevents sending repetitive commercial mails to non-existent email addresses. By making sure that your lists are in their best condition, you can avoid being labeled as a spammer who sends multiple emails to multiple void accounts by your internet service providers.

5. Tailor and personalize your commercial emails. Customers tend to feel more connected if you use their names in order to address them instead of a generalization for all your recipients. This increases the likelihood of the recipients’ response and continued subscription to your service.

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