What is need of Hibernate Custom Result Transformer?

Hibernate provide AliasToBean result transformer, it will be converted into Bean list which is provided by use but sometimes it’s not enough, We need to implement our own logic to convert the result into Object too complete this requirement hibernate provide Custom Transformer.Custom Transformer extends AliasedTupleSubsetResultTransformer and we need to override transformTuple method, For each record transformTuple method will be called by hibernate, transformTuple we can write our own logic to convert object according to our convince. Example: We create an example, i.e We want to hide the name of Employee if its name is “admin”, so here example of that customTransformer as below:


package com.javadeveloperzone.transformer;
import com.javadeveloperzone.model.Employee;
import org.hibernate.transform.AliasedTupleSubsetResultTransformer;

 * Created by Subhash Lamba on 12-03-2017.
public class CustomTransformer extends AliasedTupleSubsetResultTransformer {
    public boolean isTransformedValueATupleElement(String[] aliases, int tupleLength) {
        return true;
    public Object transformTuple(Object[] tuple, String[] aliases) {
        if (tuple[0] instanceof Employee) {
            if (("admin".equalsIgnoreCase(((Employee) tuple[0]).getEmployeeName()))) {
                ((Employee) tuple[0]).setEmployeeName("HIDE NAME");
        return tuple[0];

How to use Custom Transformer:

   public List<Employee> list() {
       return (List<Employee>)sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().createCriteria(Employee.class).setResultTransformer(new CustomTransformer()).list();



Hibernate Custom Result Transformer Ouput

Hibernate Custom Result Transformer Output

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